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Ways to get Credit for your iX Internship:

Three (3) credits available through LSA Courses ALA 125, ALA 225, ALA 325

To try and petition for additional credit, visit the following page BBA Study Abroad Registration Information ‚Äď Ross Academics at Michigan Ross (umich.edu) and follow the instructions listed to get in touch with a registrar

From Ross Business School site (same policy applies to LS&A)

Q. I want to study abroad through a third-party, non-UM provider. What do I have to do to clear this with Ross and make sure my credits transfer?

A. The first thing you should do is schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. They can go over your degree plan with you and see how a semester abroad would fit in and discuss relevant policies.

Q. How do I make sure that my credits will transfer?

A. First, review the transfer credit policies (found here). Please note the number of available transfer credits you have remaining. You can only transfer 9 total credits from a non-UM institution after you begin your BBA program, so if you already have transfer credit (e.g., you took ECON 102 at a different college between Sophomore and Junior years, etc.) this will reduce the amount of credits you can transfer in from studying abroad. Next, be certain to check the Office of Undergraduate Admissions course equivalency website to see how your non-UM courses may transfer. If you do not see a course appearing on the website, you’ll need to submit an additional evaluation. See the transfer credit evaluation form found here for how to submit evaluations. Please note that it may take the OUA a few weeks to evaluate your courses, so don’t wait until the last minute.

Q. Can transfer credits count towards my distribution requirements?